Twist Out in Town

I have done a twist out on my hair for a quick escape to my local coffee shop.

Eu fiz twist out (desfiz as tranças) no meu cabelo para uma fuga rápida para o meu café local.

Im in love with this jacket.

 I used the product below on my hair,its a Korean Organic Protein Leave in conditioner that contains olive oil and tea tree oil this product doesn't only makes the hair soft and moisturised but it smells amazing. I bought this product at my local winners store.Those with natural hair will understand my enthusiasm over this product due to the fact that its not easy to find a product that will work well with our hair.

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  1. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! specially the hair do...xoxo

  2. Organic protein- it must really be good :) My hair is so damaged I don't dare using anything else besides products with natural ingredients in it- at least until my hair gets better ;) And yes, that jacket is super posh & cool :) xx

    1. i can assure you that you are on the right path,if your hair is damaged you don't want to make it worse by using harsh products. YES to organic products. i can't get enough of my jacket.
      Thanks Maja :) xx

  3. omg, your hair is sooooo beautiful!
    in love!