The perfect Hair Booster

Our hair booster consists of four very nutritious ingredients that you can find on your kitchen.
One may ask what is so nutritious on this products that will give my hair a boost well ladies and gents lets start.

AVOCADO - this fruit besides being delicious its very rich in vitamin B and E,vitamin B6,B7,B8 they prevent hair loss,while vitamin B9(folic acid) it helps in maintaining the natural colour of your hair for a longer period meaning  it delays the greys.

YOGURT - it is a natural protein,our body,nails and hair needs proteins to reconstruct/build its tissue.

HONEY - yum yum this delicacy besides having so many good things about it,it is an antibacterial,perfect for dry hair because honey is also a humectant it attracts moisture,so you are sure to have your hair moisturised and shiny.

CASTOR OIL - it promotes hair growth,conditions the hair,great for dry scalp castor oil moisturises the scalp,for those with split ends there you have a remedy. Tell me hat else can we ask for.

COCONUT MILK - it leaves the hair with a silk texture and very easy to manage

reminder : all of the above products can be used independently .

Quantity of ingredients needed for the mask

1/2 avocado
1/3 cup greek yogurt
1/3 cup coconut milk
1 tea spoon of honey
1 tea spoon of castor oil

How to prepare

Add the ingredients together gradually,mix well until all is dissolved,you can use a blender but i used a wooden spoon it also does the job.

This looks so yummy

Final product :)

 how to apply the booster mask on the hair

section the hair previously washed as you wish

apply the mask,cover with a plastic cap/shower bonnet,leave it for approximately 20-30 minutes and then rinse,you know what it really doesn't hurt if you leave it in for longer time.

et voila final result,shiny,healthy hair clean and moisturised scalp,happy me

Yolandya Boulevard

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  1. it wont cause infections ? cause i have a scalp infection & its being treated

    1. if you have a scalp infection i would advice you not to use it and see your dr first and get treated,make sure you aren't allergic to any of these products it may make your condition worse.

  2. hei...
    how many time do u use the mask in a week?