Modern In The Wild

I and my better half decided to take a road trip from Alberta to British Columbia,and so after couple of hours of driving we arrived at our first destination BLUE RIVER.

The activity we selected was River Safari,for those unaware River Safari is an unforgettable  and awe-inspiring one hour river ride through Grizzly bear valley that is located right in the heart of the worlds only inland temperature rainforest,i felt very privileged for being there.

I was able to see the picturesque Monashee mountains of British Columbia. The place is rich in wildlife,we spotted a bear along the river banks it was an amazing moment we all had to be silent not to disturb the bear and other creatures,it was such a beautiful moment to combine all the natures gift along with the incredible view of the mountains,the breathtaking jade-colorer waters,OH and i loved feeling the breeze on my face while our boat was speeding towards the horizon.

All of this couldn't have been comfortable if i wasn't wearing my hiking shoes,these comfy shorts,my USA flag top and i added some spice on it with this cool and trendy jacket,i had to sparkle this outfit off-course with my coach bag. It all helped me to survive and enjoy the surprise we had in the middle of the trip,we had a small hike that lead us to an amazing waterfall,i left my purse on the boat off-course :). Come and travel with me trough my exposition.

The province's slogan is "BRITISH COLUMBIA The most beautiful place on earth" 

saying good bye to Blue river

hubby capturing the moment

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