Ziyanda Beauty

Hello Ladies,

Let me introduce you to this amazing brand that I have the chance to do a collaboration with. 
Ziyanda is a natural hair and skin care luxury South African botanicals based in the United Kingdom(UK).Their products are 100% natural and vegan,Wait Wait seriously what else would you like to put on the hair if not this organic golden product 🍃.

I'm currently using their Amla and hibiscus hair oil,that has a devine scent to it and it left my hair super soft on the first use. I will come with more updates and pictures of my hair after a week of using their products.
A closeup picture with flash ✨

Above is a picture of my daughter's hair,I used the Amla and hibiscus hair oil as a pre-poo and it left her hair soft,shiny with a sweet flower fruity scent.
Here is a link of where to purchase this products https://www.etsy.com/shop/ziyandabeauty.

Disclaimer: I wasn't paid to do this review,all I said above is my honest opinion.

I will see you soon with more reviews.

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